2024 Bond and Levy

What’s the Difference Between Bonds & Levies?

We often say “Bonds are for buildings, levies are for learning” as an easy way to understand the difference.

Bonds can be used only for capital construction projects including major renovations, buying new property, or building new schools. The state provides very little funding for construction projects, and school districts rely on voter-approved bonds to fund this work. Bond ballot measures must reach 60% voter approval to pass, and the district receives the funding up front.

Levies support programs and operations that are not fully funded by the state, including nursing and mental health services, preschool and extended day programs, and athletics and clubs. Levies have a lifespan of four years or less and expire after the allotted time period. Levy ballot measures must reach simple majority of voter approval, or 50% +1, and must be approved before the end of the school year. Levies can also be used to support transportation, technology, or small construction projects.

Lynden has a long range plan that includes both levy and bond funding to continue to provide an excellent education to every student in our care.

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