Community Transitions

Kristen Bock, Program Director
516 Main Street
Lynden, WA 98264
360.354.4443 Ext 3419

Lynden Community Transitions is a vocational training program for students 18-21 years of age who have been identified as having one or a variety of disabilities.  The program utilizes staff who are trained in Special Education, and Vocational and Transition Services.  We provide job and daily living skill training.  It is a continuation of transition services beyond High School.

At Community Transitions we prepare to be contributing and valued members of our community. We strive to be tolerant and supportive team members who show respect and focus on one another’s strengths.  We model effective communication demonstrating successful problem solving and vocational and independent living skills.  As we master these skills, we can reach our fullest potential and support others as they work towards theirs. 

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom