Advisory Committees/Volunteers

Community Connections Team
This advisory committee was established in the fall and made up of community member applicants. The focus of this team is to help identify key topics important to the community and serve as an advisory to the superintendent. It is the superintendent’s belief that partnering with the community plays an important role in building strong and safe schools that serve students.

Facilities Planning Committee
Established in the fall, this team of community members and staff members analyzed recommendations of a recent review of current facilities and enrollment forecasts, discussed program plans, and made recommendations to the Lynden School District Board of Directors regarding long-range capital facility improvements. Updates and information about the work involving the Facilities Planning Committee can be found here.

Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee
Established in the fall of each school year, this group of 10 high school students serves as an advisory group to the superintendent with a focus on student voice.

Instructional Materials Committee (IMC)
The Instructional Materials Committee makes instructional materials adoption recommendations to the school board as described in Board Policy 2020P. If you are interested in serving on this committee, contact the Director of Teaching & Learning at 360-354-4443 ext. 3504 or email to Julie Van Wijk

LHS Career & Technical Education Committees
Multiple advisory committees in all CTE curricular areas meet three times a year.  For more information contact the CTE director at 360-354-4401 ext. 5205.

Be The One Mentor Program 

Volunteer one hour a week to bridge the gap in a student’s life and build hope for their future. Over the span of one school year experience first-hand how mentoring cultivates growth in your student. Your friendship, support and encouragement will help a student navigate toward their next education and/or work decisions. 

More information can be found on their website. Individuals interested in learning about becoming a mentor can review the Mentor Application.

Migrant Education Parent Advisory Council (M-PAC)
All parents of migrant students qualify for the M-PAC.  The M-PAC makes recommendations regarding the migrant program.  The M-PAC meets three times during the school year.  For information contact the Migrant Office at 360-354-8714.

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