Bus Rules & Conduct


Kindergarten and Preschool students need to be MET at the bus stop by a parent/guardian, or another adult at pick-up and drop-off. If you would like to grant permission for your kindergarten student to get off the bus with an older sibling, please contact the Transportation office so we can update your student’s transportation profile with this information.  Please communicate with your bus driver or the Transportation Office if someone other than you will be meeting your child.   


Students should be waiting at their designated school bus stop 5 MINUTES prior to their estimated pick-up time.  Bus drivers deal with many variables such as traffic and weather everyday that can affect their arrival times, and have been instructed not to wait for students who are not there.  Please help us to be on time by being at your stop 5 minutes early.  Parents are responsible for supervising students at bus stops.  
Students are ONLY allowed to get on and off the bus at their assigned stop.  Exceptions to this can be pre-arranged with a note from a parent delivered to the school office or by calling your student’s school to get a bus pass.


Parents and students should be aware that school buses are equipped with a video/audio recording system as an added safety and behavior management tool.


The school bus ride is considered an extension of the school day and students are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with school and classroom expectations.  School bus drivers are responsible for the supervision of students from the time they board the bus until they are safely delivered to their destination.  Students are expected to comply with all safety related instructions and follow the Bus Conduct Rules posted below. Violations of the Bus Conduct Rules will be dealt with in a progressive manner.  Repeated violations as well as more serious misconduct may result in suspension or revocation of a student’s bus riding privileges as well as school discipline. 

  • Seat to Seat
  • Back to Back
  • Feet to Floor
  • Facing Forward
  • Hands to Self
  • Aisle Clear
  • All Items in Backpack
  • Be Respectful
  • Talking Quietly

Bus Conduct- English

Bus Conduct – Spanish

Bus Conduct – Punjabi

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