OSPI-Developed Classroom Assessments (formerly CBAs)

OSPI has developed assessments that can be used by classroom teachers throughout the school year to gauge students’ understanding of the learning standards (EALRs/GLEs). These assessments are commonly referred to as the Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) and Classroom-Based Performance Assessments (CBPAs).

The assessments can be used as formative assessments within the classroom, and as summative assessments when the scores are reported to the school district and to OSPI.

OSPI-Developed Assessments are used to ensure that students are gaining key skills and knowledge in Social Studies, The Arts, and Health/Fitness and Technology.


RCW 28.A230.095 requires that school districts shall have in place in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools assessments or other strategies chosen by the district to assure that students have an opportunity to learn the essential academic learning requirements in Social Studies, The Arts, and Health and Fitness. In addition, school district shall require students in the fourth or fifth grade, seventh or eighth grade, and the eleventh or twelfth grade to each complete at least one OSPI-developed Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) in civics. To demonstrate implementation of these assessments, school districts are required to submit an annual implementation verification report to OSPI that assessments or other strategies were completed or not completed in Social Studies, The Arts, and Health and Fitness.

CBA Links

The Arts CBAs

Health and Fitness CBAs – CBAs must be reported separately; same CBA cannot be submitted for both.

Social Studies CBAs – At least one Civics CBA must be reported at each grade band.

Technology CBAs – Technology CBAs are designed to be administered in conjunction with one of the other CBAs.  

Teachers: please use the appropriate grade level form below to submit information regarding the OSPI Classroom-Based assessments you have given this year. This form will be reported to OSPI at the end of May.

Elementary Form: Health and FitnessSocial StudiesThe ArtsTechnology

Middle School Form: Health and FitnessSocial StudiesThe ArtsTechnology

High School Form: Health and FitnessSocial StudiesThe ArtsTechnology  

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