Assessment Participation

Students in grades 3-8: Test results help families know if their child’s learning is on track, or if extra help is needed. Some school districts use state test results to determine a student’s eligibility for special programs, like accelerated learning opportunities.

Students in high school: High school students must pass state assessments, or their approved alternatives, to be eligible to graduate. High school students who earn a 3 or 4 on Smarter Balanced may avoid further placement testing and costly remedial courses upon acceptance into college, university, or community and technical college. Read more about this option.

Schools and districts: Test refusals penalize schools and districts. Students who don’t test are counted among the number of students who don’t meet standard. This is reflected in the Accountability Index. Schools and districts that fall below a 95 percent participation rate on state tests are not eligible for any state or federal awards or recognitions.

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