2000 – Instruction

2000Student Learning Goals
2004Accountability Goals
2005School Improvement Plans
2020 / 2020P/ 2020FCourse Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials
2022 / 2022PAcceptable Use of Electronic Systems
20242024POnLine Learning
2025 /2025PCopyright Compliance
2027/ 2027PDistrict Ownership of Staff Created Work
2029Animals as Part of the Instructional Program
2030 / 2030PService Animals in School
2090Program Evaluation
2100 / 2100PEducational Opportunities for Students with Parents in the Military
2104 / 2104PFederal and-or State Funded Special Educational Programs
2106Program Compliance
2107Comprehensive Early Literacy Plan
2108Learning Assistance Programs
2110 / 2110PBilingual Education
2121 / 2121PSubstance Abuse Program
2125Sexual Health Education
2126HIV-AIDS Prevention Education
2140Guidance and Counseling
2141 / 2141PBaccalaureate Services
2145 / 2145PSuicide Prevention
2150/ 2150PCo-Curricular Program
2151 / 2151PInterscholastic Activities
2153 / 2153PNon-Curriculum-Related Student Group Meetings
2161 / 2161PSpecial Education and Related Services for Eligible Students
2162 / 2162PEducation of Students with Disabilities Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
2163/ 2163PMulti Tiered System of Support
2165 / 2165PHome or Hospital Instruction
2170/ 2170PCareer and Technical Education
2180 / 2180PParent Involvement
2190 / 2190PHighly Capable Programs
2195Academic Acceleration
2220School Calendar
2230Transition to Kindergarten Program
2240Summer School
2255 / 2255PAlternative Learning Experience Courses
2320 / 2320PField Trips, Excursions and Outdoor Education
2331Controversial Issues
2333Flag Exercises
2336Required Observances
2340 / 2340PReligion Related Activities or Practices
2409 / 2409PWorld Language Competency
2410 / 2410PHigh School Graduation Requirements
2411High School Equivalency Certificate
2412Diplomas for Veterans
2413Equivalency Credit or Career and Technical Education Courses
2414Community Service
2418 / 2418PWaiver of High School Graduation Credits
2420Grading and Progress Reports
2421 / 2421PPromotion and Retention
Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom