My student is already receiving Highly Capable Program Services. Do current Highly Capable students have to test each year?
No. Once a student has been identified, they will remain in the program as long as they are meeting the achievement criteria.

How and when will I know if my child is scheduled for assessment?
Every January, students with a parent referral, a teacher or community referral or a self-referral on file and who have not tested within the last year are eligible to test.  You will receive parent/guardian permission letter with the date, time and place of the assessment, mailed to the address registered with the school district. If you have not received the letter by the middle of February, please email Megan Dickson at dicksonm@lynden.wednet.edu 

What if my child is sick and cannot take the test on the scheduled date?
One make-up date will be scheduled for each test approximately one week after the original test date.  Please call the HiCap office to reschedule.

When will we know the results of testing?
You will be informed of your student’s eligibility by mail. Test booklets and answer sheets are not available and are held in strict confidence.  Results are not available until all testing has been completed and placements have been determined by the Multi-Disciplinary Review Committee.  For information on appealing placement decisions please the HiCap Selection Process page.

I had my child privately tested.  May I submit these results with the application?
No. The district does not accept private testing results as a substitute for the District Highly Capable identification process.  All students must go through the district’s identification process to be considered eligible for the Highly Capable program.  If special circumstances warrant one-on-one testing, individualized testing may be approved.  This testing will be conducted by school district personnel. 

My student was in a HiCap program at his/her previous school.  Does that mean they automatically get into the Lynden’s HiCap program?
Not automatically. Each school district has a unique program for Highly Capable students and assess for that program. Please provide the HiCap Program office a copy of your student’s testing data, plus any other academic achievement support data. This information will be reviewed to determine the student’s placement or need for further testing.

May out of district students apply?
No.  Testing is provided at no cost for students who are registered and reside within Lynden School District boundaries.  To reside in the district means that the student’s primary address is within the school district boundaries.  Students moving into the district must be enrolled prior to testing.

What if my child doesn’t get into the program?
Students who apply to the Highly Capable Program are often bright, do well in school and will continue to do well. Some students apply because they are not being successful in school and feel like they need to be challenged in a different way. Your student’s teacher and principal will work with you to provide appropriate opportunities for your student.  Appeals regarding Multi-Disciplinary Review Committee  will be addressed by an appeals review team.  All appeals must be submitted in writing by the last school day of April of the testing academic year. 

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