Tonya Hickman

Board President

Tonya Hickman’s strong belief that K-12 education should focus on promoting top-level educational opportunities for every student in the community led her to a new role on the Lynden School Board of Directors.

Hickman was sworn onto the board of directors January 2022 following voters selecting her to a seat on the board in the November 2021 election. “Initially, I was drawn to the position as a concerned parent and citizen in regard to the divisiveness of progressive-left ideology that was being promoted nationally, statewide and locally in surrounding districts,” she says. “I feel very passionately that K-12 education should be about promoting high-quality education and opportunities for all kids in our community.”

Since joining the board Hickman says she’s trying to soak in as much information as possible to understand the roles and responsibilities of those serving the students. “The existing board has been challenged with a great task these last two years and I have gained a greater appreciation for what they have been dealing with,” she says. She also understands there is a lot for the board to weigh when working to create a top-level experience at Lynden Schools.

Hickman and her family have lived in Lynden for the last 11 years, with both daughters attending different Lynden Schools options at various times over the years. The Hickman’s oldest daughter graduated from Lynden High School in 2021 and the youngest is involved in the Lynden High School soccer program and FFA Parliamentary Procedure.

“As a parent, I have been most thankful for the communication and willingness of staff and administrators within the district to make themselves available to questions or concerns,” she says. “I have been impressed with working with Lynden Academy staff during the first year of Covid closures. Another positive is the willingness of our administrators to work and help families access necessary programs for their kids who have struggled dealing with the unforeseen effects of Covid.”

Early in Hickman’s tenure on the board, she says that she’s thankful for the openness of those in the district to meet with her and answer questions. “Everyone,” she says, “has been extremely cordial and welcoming.”

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