David Vis

Vice President

For over 30 years David Vis has been active in the Lynden community. He’s brought that desire to serve to the Lynden School Board of Directors since 2018.

Vis first had interest in the school board about five years before being selected to an open seat in 2018. He then was elected to a four-year term in 2019. Through that time, he’s undergone a “steep learning curve to understanding school finance and terminology related to the school funding process,” but has enjoyed seeing the education process from the high level while collaborating with the superintendent and fellow board members.

The Vis family involvement in education extends past David. He has two sons who are now teachers, a daughter-in-law a teacher and his wife serves as a para-educator at Fisher Elementary. His oldest three children graduated from Lynden Christian Schools, while his youngest two from Lynden High School. Vis coached youth baseball for years and says that his youngest son, Zach, played three sports at Lynden and that allowed the Vis family to develop “great family friendships” with other Lynden families.

In his role on the board, he believes keeping a positive culture in the school and keeping parents and children informed as to progress and areas of celebration offer some of the important parts of the year-long work that goes into smoothly running schools to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. Vis also knows it is the staff that makes the best work happen.

“I find that teachers, staff and administrators all really care deeply for the students in our district,” he says. “We have a healthy culture that rewards hard work in academics, sports and other extracurricular activities. We set the bar high in all these areas. We also have parental support for students and parents that really want to see their children succeed.”

Keeping this all going requires long-term planning, especially as the community continues to grow and the board looks at the needs of future generations. “We should all want great 21st Century schools,” he says, “that create an excellent and very safe learning environment.”

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