Danny Martinez

Hello, everyone! I’m Danny Martinez, your dedicated Lynden School Board Director for Position 2. I’m proud to call Lynden my lifelong home, and my passion for our community and education is at the core of who I am. 

Graduating from Lynden, earning my undergraduate degree at Trinity Western, and completing my master’s through Talbot at Biola, I’m thrilled to bring my years of experience and leadership to the board. In addition to this, being bilingual enables me to bridge language barriers and forge stronger connections between the school board and Spanish-speaking students and parents. 

My desire to serve on the school board is deeply personal—it’s about seeing my three kids along with every student in Lynden thrive and succeed during these formative years. With over a decade of diverse leadership experiences serving in various non-profits as well as Director of Student Ministries, I bring a wealth of insights to the table. 

Beyond the boardroom, you’ll find me filming and editing videos, exploring the beautiful PNW, trying new foods, and longboarding in my spare time. As a father and education advocate, I envision a future where every Lynden student not only receives an exceptional education but discovers their full potential. 

I am committed to fostering open dialogue between parents, students, educators, and the school board so please feel free to email me and follow me on Facebook and YouTube for updates on all things school board. Thank you for your trust and may the Lord continue to bless our community. 

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom