Lynden School District Seeks Pro/Con Committee Members for Aug 6, 2024 Capital Bond

Lynden School District is seeking a capital projects bond in the August 6, 2024 primary election. The bond measure would fund the construction of a new high school on the existing site, the addition of permanent early learning and special education classrooms at Isom and Vossbeck Elementary schools, safety and playground enhancements at district facilities serving early learning, special education, and parent partnership programs, and upgrading HVAC and ventilation systems throughout the district to extend life and improve air quality.

As part of the election process, the district is required to make a request for committee members to prepare pro and/or con statements regarding the capital projects bond. These statements will appear in the Whatcom County Voters’ Pamphlet.

The Pro Committee, as a group, will write a pro statement of up to 250 words and a 75-word rebuttal to the Con Committee statement. The Con Committee will write a 250-word statement in opposition to the ballot measure and a 75-word rebuttal to the Pro Committee’s statement. 

Committee members must be registered voters in the Lynden School District and will be limited to three members per committee.  However, committees may seek input from others to develop their statement. Those interested in applying for one of the committees should submit their name, contact information and a brief statement as to why they would like to serve on one of the committees by 12 p.m. on April 18 to Superintendent David VanderYacht via email at

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