Introducing the Spring Superintendent Series 

Lynden Schools superintendent David VanderYacht welcomes the community to the Spring Superintendent Series, a trio of Monday evenings designed so the community can learn how the district operates while giving VanderYacht an opportunity to listen to questions from the community.

Each of the meetings will run from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the district’s board room at the Main Street Campus, 516 Main St. Each of the hour-long sessions will operate in a town hall-style format with an overview of the meeting schedule and presentation of information running the first 10 to 15 minutes, followed by a facilitated question and answer time open to the community members in attendance. Visitors are not required to sign up prior to attendance and may attend any of the meetings. The three sessions are:

April 24: School Facilities

Lynden continues to grow, and community groups are now at work identifying current needs, developing recommendations to address them, and updating a long-range facilities master plan. This session will provide a historical overview, the work done so far related to the district’s facilities and potential timelines associated with projects to upgrade and modernize Lynden’s schools. 

May 8: School Budgets

School finances offer complicated components. Superintendent VanderYacht will provide a high-level summary of revenue sources and annual costs of operating the district. Learn how the school creates budgets and understand how tax dollars are used within the district. 

May 15: Our Community Culture 

Lynden Schools serves 3,500 students while employing 475 adults. As a public entity, the district often find itself in the middle of social and political ideology battles while striving to ensure a feeling of inclusion for every person associated with the schools. Learn how the district creates a culture of belonging through dignity, how the district proactively works to effectively serve students, families and staff who hold diverse viewpoints and cover some of the lessons learned from the Covid pandemic. 

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