Isom Students Taking to Clevertouch Technology

Clevertouch technology has changed the face of the Isom Elementary classroom. The smartboard teaching resource, installed in each classroom during this year’s winter break, has teachers excited and students getting more interactive with academic content—and with group learning.

“Clevertouch has been a game-changer in my classroom,” says Sally Heppner, first-grade teacher. “I have easy access to material that can instantly be interactive for students. It helps encourage engagement and provides another management tool.”

Alecia Zang, first-grade teacher, says students get excited to engage with math problems when they see them together on the screen. “They can write their answers right on the board to share work,” she says. “For literacy, it has been great to display images and books so clearly for all to see and interact with. We can learn from digital books right at our carpet area, which wasn’t the case before.”

Funded through the recent Facilities and Technologies Levy, Isom principal Tim Doering says the Clevertouch smartboards provide an opportunity for teachers to customize the classroom experience. Teachers have received training on the devices and use the technology in different ways.

“I love using the Clevertouch for student involvement,” says Kristin Powell, second-grade teacher. “I currently use it for lunch count and calendar. There are times where I have interactive lessons using a PowerPoint or Easel activity.” Powell says it also allows her to easily switch items displayed on the screen from the front of the class instead of forcing her behind her computer.

Megan Shelley, special education teacher, says students in her Extended Learning Resource Center can actively engage in lessons by drawing on the board, using interactive slides and access apps and learning resources. “Because of Clevertouch, I am able to let students be the driver of their own learning,” Shelley says. “They feel confident in their abilities, and love having fun while learning.”

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