Class Speakers Ready to Share

At the June 11 Lynden High School graduation students Anna Vanderyacht and Sara Jones will address the Class of 2021 as the official class speakers. 

Vanderyacht says that serving in this role gives her the opportunity to honor the class she grew up with, remembering memories and moments they all shared. Jones says that “being a class speaker is a unique way to share one last moment with the individuals you have grown up with.” 

The pair says they want to celebrate the positive times that the class has had while representing the entirety of the group. And while the last year has brought with it challenges, Jones and Vanderyacht know it has made them all stronger and “adaptable to every situation while going with the flow,” as Vanderyacht says. 

“I believe the class of ’21 has learned better than most to focus on what you can control and to be grateful for what you have,” Jones says. 

As the graduating students prepare for life beyond Lynden High School, Vanderyacht will take with her the memories, adventures and opportunities to grow that LHS afforded her. Jones agrees. “Lynden High School provides opportunities for all students to thrive and flourish and I am so blessed to have had incredible teachers, coaches and peers that have encouraged me to where I am today and where I’m going next,” she says, “and I will forever be grateful for that.” 

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