Celebrating the Class of 2021: Valedictorian Jeffrey Moore

Note: The Lynden High School Class of 2021 has two valedictorians, Jenna Smith and Jeffrey Moore. This post features Moore. 

Jeffrey Moore knows it will be the people that dominate his memories of Lynden High School. And he believes there’s value in that. 

“It’s glaringly obvious that I won’t remember the date of Operation Market Garden or the structure of Shakespearean poetry, but what I will recall is the friendships that have blossomed, the personal instruction I have received, and the intrapersonal connections made,” he says. “As humans, our lives are deeply influenced by those around us. The lives of those around us are greater learning opportunities than any school ever will be. So, above all, I will remember the people.” 

Moore, one of two Lynden High School Class of 2021 valedictorians, says there are a variety of teachers who really helped shape his experience. He credits Kevin Richins with the ability to make him examine something from a different perspective and think critically. Mariah Butenschoen put a focus on learning to reason and justify responses. JoAnn Roorda showed she “genuinely cared about everyone in her classes and taught with compassion.” She earned the respect of students by respecting them, Moore says, loving to help students learn and grow as individuals, which made her classes enjoyable. Trevor Galligan impressed Moore from the start with his knowledge and experience in music—not to mention his shoes, Moore adds. Jordan VanderVeen is known for his intelligence, but Moore was surprised with to also see his energy and passion to help others learn. 

“There are so many great teachers and staff at Lynden High School,” Moore says, adding he thanks them for their hard work. 

Moore says he knows he grew as a person in high school, learning the importance of being vigilant in kindness and seeking to help others. “Oftentimes we confine ourselves to our patterns of interaction,” he says. “As someone who isn’t very outgoing, I am definitely guilty of this, though at the high school I have received many lessons in perseverance, teamwork, collaboration and compassion.” 

Band became a central part of Moore’s high school experience and offered him a way to participate in the school community. His favorite memories of band during high school came while playing during the basketball state tournaments in Yakima for both Lynden and Lynden Christian teams. 

Following graduation, Moore plans to attend The Master’s University in Santa Clara, California, and major in biblical studies with an emphasis in theology and biblical counseling. 

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