Isom Third Graders Publish Book

The third-grade students in Chifundo Vis’ Isom classroom really believe they are writers. And they have a published book to prove it. 

As part of a class writing project, each student incorporated their own polished writing on thankfulness, complied together in one now-published book, Thankful, that not only showed that every student could be a successful writer but how they could work together to make it happen. 

“The students learned that they are writers,” Vis says. “Since this project, the majority of students in the classroom are writing more and injecting their own personalities and creativity into their work.”

Vis wanted students to focus on the writing process, form brainstorming ideas to publishing. She used the Thankful theme because it proves a fitting topic for students to foster positive feelings that can improve their well-being while teaching gratitude and the perspective it brings. 

Every student in the classroom participated by writing either one well-written informative paragraph or even a five-paragraph essay on things they are thankful for. They also drew illustrations to accompany the text. Students worked together to help create the book cover. 

“Students learned the writing process, effective writing skills that hold the key to their future,” Vis says. “Students also learned the importance of being thankful.” 

The outcome of the project was spectacular, Vis says. “I can’t even explain the expression on their faces when they saw their stories come to life in their published book. Students have been asking to publish every writing we do. I am excited to do this again next year. There’s nothing more rewarding than to see my students excited to learn.”

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