How the levies support students

Lynden Schools has placed two levies on the Feb. 11, 2020, special election ballot. The renamed Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) replaces a levy approved by voters in 2016 that will soon expire. The second, a Technology/Facilities Levy is a new request. These levies pay for more than 12 percent of the cost of educational services not adequately funded by the state. Below is an example of some of the program supported by the levy funds. 

The replacement Education Programs & Operations Levy supports:

• Pre-school and summer school programs

• Instructional resources and curriculum materials, such as books, supplies and materials

• Professional development and training

• Routine upkeep and facility repairs

• Additional staff to maintain reasonable class sizes and student services (teachers, nurses, counselors, support staff etc.)

• Staff salaries and benefits to attract and retain highly qualified certificated and classified staff

• Safety and security measures for schools 

• Music, drama, art, athletics

• Curricular programs such as science, special education, AVID, highly capable, and STEM

The Facilities & Technology Levy will provide:


• Replace and repair aging roofs, building envelopes, and obsolete systems

• School security and communications systems – security cameras, communication systems, and access controls

• Upgrades to mechanical systems and HVAC

• Parking lot maintenance, emergency systems and lighting. 


• Tier 1 classrooms tools to provide an equitable technology equipped learning environment in all classrooms for all students.

• Device replacement on a reasonable 4-5 years cycle

• Professional development to integrate technology into lessons

• Upgrades to network infrastructure and security to protect student information and guard against cyber attacks

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom