Student tech interns playing crucial role at LHS

Four Lynden High School students are gaining real-world technology experience without leaving the LHS campus. 

In a new program, the four Lynden students — selected first through teacher recommendations — serve as technology interns during one period of their schedule, two on green days and two on gold days. 

Terry Bugas, the advisor, says that the four students have enjoyed a wide range of responsibility, including trouble shooting technology problems, putting together new laptop carts, replacing old technology with new computer systems, installing new printers and assisting teachers and students with software questions. Students are also learning to replace laptop parts and other items as they come up.

“The interns have been crucial to this school year,” Bugas says. “The interns work hard and are very supportive to LHS as well as our IT department.” Lynden is currently replacing Microsoft Windows 7 machines with Windows 10 laptop carts and the interns have been instrumental in helping prep the machines and make the switches. 

“We hope this program will be beneficial to the school district, but most of all to the students,” Bugas says. “We have students interested in learning more about computers. We hope to give them some tools to grow in their interested field.” 

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