BVE students create ‘kindness challenges’ to spread kindness across entire school

A fifth-grade classroom at Bernice Vossbeck Elementary has taken the goal of spreading kindness across the entire school upon themselves. 

As part of social-emotional learning, Sarah Farlow’s classroom worked to create their own “kindness challenges” to increase kindness to students across multiple grade levels, calling themselves “Kindness Ambassadors.” 

“They are very excited,” Farlow says, “and I’m proud of what they’ve put together.”

The two groups of students created skills that they performed during lunch time and two of the groups handed out kindness notes at lunch as students were heading out to recess. Two other groups spent time crafting and hanging posters about kindness around the school. Along with the posters, the students created videos to explain the posters, something other teachers within the school can share with their classes. 

“I’m hoping this project solidifies positive leadership and connection between classes,” Farlow says. 

As kindness spread across BVE, the students lead the effort. 

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
Two girls in a classroom