Lynden’s Summer School offers opportunity for students

For four weeks this summer, about 160 students have taken advantage of extra opportunities for learning with Lynden Schools. 

The Lynden Summer School program, led by principal Cyndi Selcho, offers students in kindergarten through seventh grade a chance to master skills and apply the ones already mastered. “The idea behind summer school is that not all kids learn at the same rate,” Selcho says. “This gives students extra time to master some of those foundational skills, some of the essential skills we want all students to know. It also is an opportunity to extend and apply some of those skills for students who have already mastered them. It is really based on the idea that not all kids learn at the same rate, so let’s give them more time.”

For students in kindergarten through third grade, staff and teachers made recommendations to Selcho on who should get an invite into summer school, really putting a focus on those students who could benefit from extended learning time. The sessions for students in grades four through seven were open to anyone interested. The four weeks end July 25. 

While at summer school, while there definitely remains a stringent focus on academics, Selcho believes students have more opportunity for success. “It is a smaller environment, so it is easier for some students to take more risks in their learning and because of that they gain more from it,” she says. “It helps increase self-esteem and helps them form more relationships with some of the adults in our district while giving younger students opportunities to connect with kids in other schools.” 

Summer school teachers and staff comes from Lynden Schools. “One thing I see that sets Lynden apart is the teachers really do love what they do, and they care about the kids,” Selcho says. “It is so obvious here too. They are genuine, very genuine.” 

Boy using crayon on a piece of paper
Two girl soccer players
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