Overview & Mission Statement

Lynden Inclusive Preschool

Linda Wiles, Preschool Administrative Assistant
360-354-4443 Ext 3426

The Lynden School District has provided early learning opportunities for children age 3-5 for the past 25 years! Recent brain research studies suggest that children are literally born learning and that the years prior to Kindergarten help create the foundation for future successes. The district’s early childhood providers function as one team but provide services at 516 Main Street.

Lynden School District Integrated Preschool Program Brochure

Preschool Program Design
The design of the program reflects the diversity that exists throughout our school system. The Special Education Department serves children between the ages of 3 and 21 who have been qualified for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Students who are eligible for services as early as 3 years of age are offered a range of services to which they are entitled. Upon completion of the preschool program, these students are then integrated into a neighborhood elementary school. The Integrated Preschool Program serves children ages 3 through 5 who have a disability as well as students who do not have a disability (peer models). The Preschool staff strive to match student with unique learning needs to peer students of the same age and gender in order to provide the greatest opportunity for continued development of appropriate skills.

How To Be Considered for Enrollment
While openings for typically developing children are available, it is important to plan ahead well in advance if this is of interest to you for your child. Students who qualify for Special Education services are enrolled and served as they turn 3 years of age (a legal requirement). Children who do not qualify for Special Education services but who are ages 3 to 5 (not eligible age for kindergarten) may apply to be enrolled – tuition does apply. A wait list opens the first school day in the January prior to the desired school year.

If accepted, these children will participate in an enriched learning environment focused on developing communication, social, self-help, motor, thinking skills and Kindergarten readiness skills. Peer models also learn leadership and helping skills by modeling appropriate play and communication for their classmates with developmental delays. If you have questions concerning your child’s development or would like to have your child considered for a peer student, please contact Linda Wiles at 354-4443  (ext. 3426).

Early Entrance to Kindergarten. Age requirements for kindergarten and first grade entry are established by the State of Washington, based upon the average age of readiness. The decision regarding your child’s readiness for early kindergarten and first grade is a complex one and should be made with care. Early entrance guides are linked below.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten Guide (English)
Early Entrance to Kindergarten Guide (Spanish)