Kindergarten Readiness

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

In the State of Washington, students must be five years old by August 31 to register for kindergarten.

Lynden School District has board policy regarding early entry into kindergarten. If you are considering early entrance to kindergarten, it’s essential to understand the readiness encompasses social, emotional, and academic aspects. Parents who believe their child to be exceptionally qualified for kindergarten, may apply for early entrance and pay a screening fee by May 1st of desired school year. The decision regarding your child’s readiness for early kindergarten is a complex one and should be made with care.

Children whose fifth birthday falls on or between September 1 and September 30, and whose parents believe them to be exceptionally qualified for kindergarten, may apply for early entrance to kindergarten. Children whose fifth birthday falls after September 30th are not eligible to apply for early entrance to kindergarten.

Early entrance assessment application packet is linked below. This application packet includes a Preschool/daycare questionnaire which will need to be completed by provider and returned by May 1st. Questionnaires not received by May 1st will result in your students file being closed due to an incomplete application:

Key Kindergarten Readiness Skills at a Glance

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Carry on an appropriate reciprocal conversation with peers and adults
  • Separate easily from parents/caregivers without getting upset
  • Able to complete an activity and transition from one activity to the next
  • Follow a daily class routine
  • Able to manage emotions, frustration, or unexpected changes in routine.
  • Follow simple instructions with 2 to 3 step directions
  • Know personal information (name, age, gender)
  • Pay attention to a single task for an extended period of time                         

Adaptive and Daily Living Skills

  • Can use the bathroom and toilet independently
  • Put on /off coat, shoes.
  • Able to care for personal belongings (hang up coat/backpack, put away work)
  • Able to follow school safety rules and routines with typical adult supervision.
  • Can clean up after themselves, wash hands/face.
  • Feeds self with proper utensils, drink from a cup/straw.

Academic Skills

  • Identify upper and lowercase letters
  • Count to 20 and identify numbers
  • Basic Math skills
  • Identify colors
  • Identify shapes
  • Write his/her own name
  • Basic Literacy skills- recite the ABC’s, rhymes words, story retell.
  • Express ideas and thoughts verbally

Fine/Gross Motor Skills

  • Use proper grip while using pencil, crayons, and scissors
  • Cut with scissors
  • Able to unfasten and fasten snaps, zippers, buttons

Communication Skills

  • Communicate clearly and answer questions in complete sentences.
  • Expresses wants and needs verbally
  • Is generally understood by adults
  • Understands and follows two step directions
  • Can speak in completed (5-6 word) sentences.
  • Understands and uses positional vocabulary