Lynden Schools Announces New Hires

As Lynden Schools continues to prepare for the 2020-2021 school year — no matter what final form that ends up taking — the district announces a slate of new hires. 

Lynden High School

• Rex Fraser, assistant principal 

• Melody Clifford, special education teacher

• David Kish, assistant principal 

• Bryan Miller, English language arts and CTE teacher 

Lynden Middle School

• Robert Kratzig, dean of students

• Kate Taylor, music teacher (leave replacement)

• Catherine Lynch, occupational therapist (also for Isom Elementary)

Bernice Vossbeck Elementary

• Michelle Nilsen, principal

• Kyle Hobbs, fifth grade teacher 

• Alexandria Lyon, fifth grade teacher 

• Kelly Lam-Scholten, psychologist (also for Lynden Academy)

Isom Elementary

• James Scarborough, psychologist (also for Fisher Elementary)

• Laurie Silves, fifth grade teacher

Fisher Elementary

• Ruby Zamora, fourth grade teacher 

Lynden Preschool

• Justyn Freeman, teacher 


• Kevin Burke, facilities supervisor

• Rebecca Morgan, director of special education