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Using Destiny to Search the Catalog and Place Holds
Click here to open Destiny

Placing HOLDS on books:

  1. Login to Destiny in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Your username is your last name followed by your first initial, for example: mincklera
  3. Your password is your student ID number with – OR – without the zero in front of it, for example: 0604564 -OR- 604564  You might need to try both ways.
  4. If you have trouble logging in, and haven’t logged into Destiny before, you may have to create a new account by selecting the “Create New Account” tab.
  5. Search for books title, author or subject.
  6. If you find one you like, place it on “Hold” and Mrs. Minckler will get it ready for you. 
  7. Happy reading! 🙂

Other great reading resources:
Google Books 
This site allows you to preview books and links you to hundreds of book reviews.

What should I read 
Visit this website, and find books that are similar to other books you’ve liked. 
This website is useful for book reviews, “if you liked” books, author notes and trivia questions.

Common Sense Media 
This site is geared towards families. This site contains many book and movie reviews. Only selected book reviews are given.

Search for books by your Lexile level (reading level). Ask the librarian, or your English teacher if you need help determining your Lexile level.

Whatcom County Library

Please email Aimee Minckler, LHS Librarian, at if you have any questions or have difficulty accessing any of the above resources.

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It is the mission of the Lynden High School Library to:
Create enthusiastic, life-long readers, Empower students to become critical thinkers and effective users of information technology, Prepare students to become active members in the global community, and Support staff members across the curriculum.