Clubs & Activities

This is a list of the current Clubs & Activities offered at Lynden High School.  We encourage all students to join one of our student-run clubs or activities.  It is a great way to learn about an interest, build new friendships and learn skills that will help you in the future! See Mr. McKee or Mr. Kish if you have questions.

When do clubs meet? Approximately every other week during Activity Period.

How do I start a club? Fill out the proposal form:

How do I sign up? Talk to the advisor of the club or email them using the linked emails below.

What clubs are there? See the list below.

Band ClubGalliganEmail 
Basketball ClubKeatingEmail 
FBLABogues, Miller, DotsonEmailVideo
FFAGrubbs, Brandvold, Clift, Henthorn, HoltermanEmailVideo
Fiber Arts ClubTetu, KEmailVideo
French ClubTetu, JEmailVideo
Health Occupations
Impact ClubAnderson, Pehl, SahagianEmailVideo
L ClubVanDalen, BomberEmailVideo
Lions ReadMincklerEmailVideo
Magic the GatheringScottEmail 
Role Playing Games (RPG)RichinsEmail 
Teen CourtSoltmanEmailVideo
Walking ClubKleindel, WashkowEmail