Consulting with Teachers/Teachers Websites

It is a standard expectation that parents are consulting Family Access for current class grade information if there are questions about grades. If you have a question about anything outside of grading, then contacting your teachers is your next step.

Most efficient contact is done by email.  Teacher email is easily accessible through family access as you view grades online.  Otherwise you can consult the same website above for email contact information. 

Keep in mind it may take a staff member a day or two to respond to your contact due to schedules and volume of contacts. 

Teachers may have a web site and these can be great resources to keep up with what the class is doing.  If a teacher has a website it should appear in their syllabus or they will mention it to you when you have questions about the class. Please visit the Staff Department webpage below to see if your teacher has a website listed on the school website.

Please let us know how we can help.