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Community & Technical Colleges

Learn about becoming a student, paying for college, starting your career, colleges and more by exploring Washington State’s Community and Technical Colleges.

Washington’s 34 Community & Technical Colleges

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Difference Between High School & College

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Admission & Financial Aid Deadlines

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Transferring to a University

  • Earn your two-year transfer degree before you transfer. That way, your credits will transfer smoothly, as a package.
  • If you choose to transfer before earning a transfer degree, be sure to talk to the admissions people at the college you want to attend. They may evaluate your transcript course-by-course. They can help you match the courses you took to the requirements of the university. Hint: the fewer the credits your have when you apply to transfer, the more the university will look at your high school record.
  • Meet with your transfer advisor regularly. Colleges each have an advising center or transfer center for resources, workshops and events.
  • Connect with the four-year colleges or universities you plan to attend to make sure you have the latest requirements. All of them have orientation sessions for transfer students.
  • Follow the degree pan carefully. Pay attention to required course sequencing and cumulative grade point average requirements for the program you want.