P.E.O. due February 27, 2024

Washington State School Retirees due March 1, 2024

Engebretson Memorial due March 1, 2024

American Indian Endowed due March 1, 2024

Florence Lemcke Memorial due March 1, 2024

Marguerite Mc’Alpin Memorial due March 1, 2024

Albert Lee Wright Memorial Migrant due March 1, 2024

Washington State Elk Vocational due March 1, 2024

Children of Warriors due March 1, 2024

USW 12-591 Fallen Workers due March 1, 2024

Associated General Contractors due March 1, 2024-many awards

Todd Curran Memorial due March 1, 2024

AgWest Farm Credit due March 1, 2024

Cancer Unwrapped due March 1, 2024 grades 9-12

Deming Logging Show due March 7, 2024

Ewing C. Kelly due March 8, 2024

Washington Award for Vocational Excellence due March 10

WIAA Smart Choice due March 13, 2024

Doug Ericksen Community Legacy due March 15, 2024

Washington State Council of Fire Fighters due March 15, 2024

Norm Manly Maritime Education due March 25, 2024

SISU Children’s Fund due March 31, 2024

Society of Women Engineering due March 31, 2024

Standing Tall for Agriculture due March 31, 2024

Greater Bellingham Running Club due March 31, 2024

Whatcom Women in Business due March 31, 2024

National Foster Parent Youth due April 1, 2024

Whatcom County Farm Bureau due April 1, 2024

Lake Washington HS Singers Vocal due April 1, 2024

Skagit Farmers Supply due April 1, 2024

Sustainable Forestry Initiative due April 1, 2024

Jay Paul Memorial due April 1, 2024

Pacific Northwest Grain and Feed Association due April 5, 2024

Electronic Security Association due April 12, 2024

Sofia Milstead Memorial due April 12, 2024

Carmen Denson Foundation due April 15, 2024

Sea Mar Farmworker due April 15, 2024

Lantino/a Educational Achievement Project due April 15, 2024

John Fassett Memorial due April 19, 2024

New Car and Truck Dealers Bright Future due April 26, 2024

Print and Graphics-Student Design Contest due April 26, 2024

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 191 due April 28, 2024

Dairy Strong due May 1, 2024

Washington State Sheep Producers due May 1, 2024

Print and Graphics due May 1, 2024

Edmund Maxwell due May 10, 2024

Carlene’s Education due May 15, 2023

The Stephen Bufton Memorial -First Resonder due May 15, 2024

Ann Gallagher Memorial due May 24, 2024

R.H. Thomson Memorial due May 31, 2024

American College Fund due May 31, 2024

Abbott and Fenner Business due June 10, 2024

2024 GoFoodservice due June 15, 2024

BigSun Athletics due June 19, 2024

Rick Pankow Foundation due vairous times throughout the year

Skagit Community Foundation–many scholarships and various due dates

College Bound Scholarship

The College Bound Scholarship is an early commitment of state financial aid to cover tuition at public rates, some fees, and a small book allowance at over 65 eligible Washington post secondary institutions. The application is a two-step process. Typically, eligible students in 7th or 8th grade must begin an application by June 30 of their 8th grade year and complete it by August 31.   To receive the scholarship, high school students must fulfill program pledge requirements and meet residency and income requirements. Students must enroll within one year of high school graduation.  Click Here to Learn More

Washboard is committed to increasing access to scholarships and financial aid for Washington students. Launched in 2010, it is simple and free matching website for Washington students. Last year, nearly $12 million in scholarships were listed on This is a one application many scholarship site.  Click Here to Learn More


Our school is committed to providing our students with the best possible access to resources to pursue higher education. Because of this, we’re partnering with RaiseMe so that your students can start earning scholarship money for college starting as early as the 9th grade. RaiseMe currently partners with over 300 colleges around the country. Any high school student can earn scholarships for their good grades, their involvement in sport and clubs, and their community service hours. Signing up for RaiseMe is green and takes less than half an hour and could have a pay-out of tens of thousands in scholarship dollars for your child’s college education.  Click here to learn more

American Indian Endowed Scholarship

The American Indian Endowed Scholarship program provides educational scholarships on a competitive basis to high-achieving, low income resident students who have close social and cultural ties to an American Indian tribe or community within the state. Recipients demonstrate academic merit and a commitment to serve the American Indian communities in Washington. Click here to learn more

Washington State Fair Foundation Scholarship

College Board