CTE For Students

CTE Courses give students the opportunity to:

  • Explore careers in middle and high school, especially careers in high-demand, high-growth fields.
  • Identify a career goal.
  • Write a High School and Beyond Plan, with help from school career and guidance counselors, that identifies the high school and college-level academic and skills-based classes, training programs and apprenticeships that will best prepare you for your career path of choice.
  • Take classes in high schools and at community and technical colleges that apply math, science, and other academic subjects in real-life, hands-on ways.
  • Pursue a rigorous Program of Study that leads to industry certifications, a registered apprenticeship or two- and four-year college options.
  • Earn tuition-free college credits as well as high school credits required for graduation.
  • Become leaders by participating in skills competitions and community service.