Who We Are

We are a K-12 Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Program of the Lynden School District dedicated to assisting local home-based learning families in the education of their children.  In this Parent Partnership Program, we provide support through on-site classes, group activities, community events, workshops for home educators, and conferences with Written Student Learning Plan Consultants (WSLPCs). We have a few options available in our program: 

Middle School & High School Classes (6th-12th Grade) -Mondays and Wednesdays

Elementary Classes (Kindergarten-5th Grade) – Tuesday or Thursday

Friday Classes- Students can choose to participate in elective classes that take place onsite on Fridays.

Home Connect (Independent Study-limited availability) – student is completely offsite and makes contact with their WSLPC on a weekly basis.     

The purpose of Lynden Academy to partner with families who operate best in a non-traditional school setting; to meet individual needs through appropriate rigor; and to prepare our students to function as successful and responsible citizens.

Students enrolled in Lynden Academy meet with certificated teachers on campus one or more days a week, depending on student’s grade level and family choices. Staff and families work together to create a Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP) for both home and at school.  Parents are actively involved in Lynden Academy, overseeing their student’s education as well as volunteering where needs arise. Parents have access to the Lynden Academy Resource Library where they can borrow curriculum and resources to support learning at home.  Families maintain a planner detailing learning, develop portfolios to collect evidence of learning, track their student’s hours and write goals for their student’s academic achievement.