Superintendent Message on Future of Bond

Lynden Families & Staff-

This morning, the Board of Directors held a special meeting to discuss and determine whether to place the capital facilities bond back on the April ballot.  Several factors were discussed including election timelines and options for future elections. The timing of when to place the school construction bond on a ballot was a difficult decision and I’m personally appreciative of the approach taken by the board directors to process openly.  The deadline of submitting a resolution to appear on the April 23 ballot is February 23, thus the need for an early morning meeting. After careful consideration, a vote of 2-3 resulted in a decision not to place the bond on the April ballot.  This decision was not a vote of no support for the project. There was, in fact, a reinforced conclusion that the question is not ‘if’, but rather ‘when’. The needs won’t lessen and the community-based process of developing the plan to address them in the most fiscally responsible manner was open, extensive, and collaborative. 

There is and was recognition that a majority of voters in February supported the initiative and that there continues to be a need to inform voters about the value and specific outcomes of the community’s investments. The vote to delay bringing the capital projects bond back in front of voters allows the district time to set up focus groups and hold more forums to analyze why community members voted no.

The Citizens for Lynden Schools group stands ready to continue their work of getting the information out to voters. They have strong leadership, are well-informed, and need others to join them. I cannot express my appreciation strong enough for their time and thoughtful energy. They have collectively served as extraordinary and necessary advocates for Lynden Schools and the broader community.  Nearly 56% of Lynden’s registered voters did not cast a ballot in February so, moving forward, one of their priorities is to encourage non-voters to engage in the process.  The next three options to bring the same or modified proposal to Lynden voters are August 6, November 5, and February 11, 2025.

Ultimately, it is up to the community to provide safe and quality learning environments for its children now and into the future. Tuesday morning, the District’s elected officials, community members such as the Citizens for Lynden Schools, and I expressed our shared commitments to do just that.  Students are worth our efforts.

Thank you for your continued engagement regarding the future of Lynden Schools.  Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you have.  I can be reached via email at or by phone at (360) 354-4443, ext. 3414.