Three Lynden teachers earn National Board certification

Three Lynden teachers earn National Board certification
Posted on 01/11/2018

Three Lynden teachers have joined the ranks of those certified by the National Board, a multi-year process that requires substantial extra effort on behalf of the teachers.

“I love to learn and found that this process would help me to continue learning and forced me to try new techniques in the classroom that could benefit my students,” says Joelle Dodd, Bernice Vossbeck Elementary teacher and dean of students and one of the three new certified teachers.

Jean-Jacques Tetu, Lynden High School science teacher, and Katie Tetu, Lynden High School social studies and English teacher, were the other two who went through the process.  The three joined 15 other teachers already certified within Lynden Schools.

Katie says that her recent efforts really served to solidify that “Lynden is a terrific district to work in and the support I get here has really helped me grow as a teacher.”

Certification is a one- to five-year process that includes taking an assessment and assembling three portfolios while exhibiting undetandint of students, content, data and teaching practices. Created in 1987 the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization devoted to advancing the quality of teaching and learning. According to the National Board organization, completing the certification shows that each teacher knows and practices “the definitive standards of accomplished teaching.”

In 2007, the Washington State Legislature began awarding a $5,000 bonus to each certified teacher. Washington State continues to rank nationally as the state with the most new National Board certified teachers.

Dodd says she felt the work would challenge her and found value in the “depth of knowledge” she gained in working through the topics. “Before doing National Boards I felt I had a good understanding about what it meant to assess students and how to use different formative and summative assessments, but after completion, I now have a much clearer understanding,” she says. “I also had the privilege to work and learn from another teacher in our building, BJ Abercrombie, who is National Board certified. She guided my thinking, writing and learning as I went through each component. I learned many wonderful teaching ideas from her.”

List of current National Board certified teachers at Lynden Schools:

BJ Abercrombie, Bernice Vossbeck

Cindy Bell, LMS

Daniel Cichowski, LMS

Jill Conner, LHS

Dirk Denniston, LMS

Joelle Dodd, Bernice Vossbeck

Brian Heppner, LMS

Mari Herbert, LHS

Layne Hutchins, LHS

Terry Kaemingk, LMS

Laura Landis, Fisher

Christina Lynch, LHS

Amy Miller, Fisher

Kristine Nugent-Ohls, LMS

Kevin Richins, LHS

Jean-Jacques Tetu, LHS

Katherine Tetu, LHS

Jordan VanderVeen, LHS