Students excel within Lynden Academy

Students excel within Lynden Academy’s Student Success Center
Posted on 10/25/2018

The new Student Success Center at Lynden Academy is more than educational-based learning programs. “It is a place where students can catch up, get some extra one-on-one time and hopefully feel a sense of success, as the name of the center implies,” says Scott Vandenberg, co-coordinator of the space with Lea Kope.

Lynden Academy, a K-12 alternative learning experience program of Lynden Schools, sees students attend classes one to three days a week. The students are home educated for the remainder of the week, meaning using systems similar to other Lynden Schools buildings — whether daily tiered interventions and pull-outs — didn’t mesh with the Lynden Academy model. 

“In our discussions at the end of the 2017-18 academic year and through the summer, (principal) Ellie Meenk and I discussed the need for finding a way to fill the learning gaps for every student, considering the blended learning model of Lynden Academy,” Vandernberg says.

The center introduced Moby Max, a math skills and fact fluency program for students K-8, and Imagine Learning, a program that helps support the school’s high Russian-speaking population to help build their English language arts skills. More than that, though, Vandenberg says students have realized the center is a “place where they can fill their learning gaps and also have a space to keep up in their studies.”

At this point in the year, Lynden Academy is falling into a routine with the Student Success Center. “Students understand what to do, they have made unsolicited comments about how the fact fluency and math skill work has helped them to understand and complete their math work with more understanding and efficiency,” Vandenberg says. “Students recognize how the Student Success Center is a place where they can succeed in many academic areas.”