Lynden Academy building library of family resources

Lynden Academy building library of family resources
Posted on 12/12/2017

Homeschool families involved in Lynden Academy have an ever-growing library of resources available at the Academy site.

As state rules have changed over time when it comes to curriculum and supply spending by homeschool families involved in parent partnership programs, such as Lynden Academy, the school has been able to build up its resource room, led by Heidi Telling. 

“We have always had what we called a library, but this is the first year where everything a family needed comes through our resource room,” she says. “It is going well and parents are realizing what they have access to.”

Lynden Academy has tried to let families know about the new process. “It is a different way of doing things for people who haven’t homeschooled before,” Telling says. “We try to be available all day to help guide them through what they might want to access.”

As Lynden Academy continues to grow, the resource room follows suit. “We are showing people how it works,” she says, “what we have and the best way to lay out what we have so they can see what is available.”