LHS putting tech into action

LHS putting tech into action
Posted on 12/18/2018

From peer-to-peer digital collaboration right down to cyber security and digital cutting machines, Lynden High School has continued to put technology into action throughout classrooms on campus.

Ian Freeman, LHS principal, says putting tech in action within classrooms offers students something far more than the traditional computer lab or word processing, giving students real-world experience in creating in the digital age. 

“Now we are offering classes where students can really use technology,” he says. “Students are able to learn skills that utilize technology, whether developing a song, cutting precise pieces from sheet metal, understanding website development and security or developing drone aviation skills. Each of these has a future career pathway and potential to spark inspiration in students.”

Examples of these new classes include John Grubbs teaching a robotics class that includes drone aviation; Jody Bogues offering a cyber security and computer programming class; new music teacher Trevor Galligan teaching digital music productions; and Ladd Shumway’s ag tech class featuring a plasma cutter.

“CNC cutting machines are used extensively in the fabrication of metal and wood components by industry in our area,” Shumway says. “CTE classes are supposed to develop skills that are needed by local industry. Our local CTE Advisory committees meet twice per year and give us input as to what skills are required for success in industry. So, it only makes since to have these CNC machines in our high school programs.”

Shumway adds that students knowing there are jobs available in this industry coupled with the ability to create intricate designs out of metal and wood using computer technology offers a unique opportunity at Lynden High School, just one example of tech taking action at LHS.