Scholarship Resources

Scholarship are gifts.  They don’t need to be repaid.  Students are encouraged to apply for national, state, regional and community scholarships.  There are thousands of them, offered by colleges, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, ethnic groups, religious groups, and professional and social organizations.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit, ethnic background, community service, leadership, school activities and personal interests.  Colleges often offer scholarship money.  Check out the financial aid office from the colleges you are applying to.  Make sure you talk to college representatives, admission counselors and specific departments in the college (e.g. music, biology departments).  Sometimes the application for scholarships may be different from the admission applications.  


Dan L. Baron Trades due January 31, 2023

Washington State Fair-Blue Ribbon due January 31, 2023

WSECU due February 13, 2023

Association of Computer Professionals in Education due February 20

Farm Kids for College due February 21, 2023

P.E.O. Scholarship due March 1, 2023

Deming Logging Show due March 1, 2023

American Indian Endowed due March 1, 2023

Northwest Farm Credit due March 1, 2023

Washington State School Retirees’ Association due March 1, 2023

Department Gift Scholarships due March 1, 2023

Florence Lemcke Memorial due March 1, 2023

Marguerite Mc’Alpin Memorial due March 1, 2023

Todd Curran Memorial due March 4, 2023

Ewing C. Kelly due March 10, 2023

WIAA Smart Choice due March 15, 2023

Bellingham-Whatcom County Professional Firefighters Memorial due March 15, 2023

Doug Ericksen Community Legacy due March 15, 2023

North Cascades Concert Band due March 17, 2023

Whatcom County Farm Bureau due April 1, 2023

Skagit Farmers Supply due April 1, 2023

Clarence and Cornelia Ludden Memorial due April 14, 2023

Assistance League of Bellingham due April 14, 2023–open to grades 9-11

Building Industry Association of Whatcom County due April 14, 2023

Washington Cattlefeeders Association due April 15, 2023

Washington CattleWomen Beef Ambassador due April 15, 2023

Washington State Sheep Producers due May 1, 2023

Washboard (State database)
Scholarships listed on the are diverse and support a wide variety of student interests and accomplishments.  Over half of the scholarships are not based on financial need.  Many of the scholarships listed are renewable, which means you may be eligible for continued scholarship funding as you continue your educations. 

The in a nutshell –

  • Free web-based resource for Washington students attending college in and outside of Washington.
  • Students’ private information is kept confidential
  • Helps students quickly identify scholarship for which they are eligible by showing only those scholarship opportunities that match their profile data
  • Web-based, so it can be used at school, at the library or at home
  • Serves all  ages of students, from middle school through college and into graduate school 

How it works:

  • Go to              
  • Complete your student profile              
  • Explore Scholarships that match your profile
  • Apply and submit your application either by mail, website, or by using the as the electronic application host by the due date


This platform is very similar to Washboard, in that you create a profile and it matches you to scholarships.

Note: Some scholarship organizations ask schools to nominate one student for their scholarship.  LHS is a large public high school – students interested in being considered for a scholarship opportunity that require a nomination need to bring a current high school resume highlighting their leadership, community service and high school coursework to the High School and Beyond Center. Based on the scholarship criteria LHS will select the best qualified student to nominate (selected students need to follow through on all application details).