Jamie Noteboom: The Face of the District Office

This post is part of the Lynden Schools Staff Spotlight series

Before Jamie Noteboom’s day job begins as the face of Lynden Schools in the role of district receptionist, her morning job takes off before first light. She’s up early feeding the 100 calves she raises as part of the family farm, a ritual not uncommon in this farming community.

That love of animals permeates through Noteboom’s spare time, whether horseback riding in the hills or watching neighborhood kids participate in 4-H. When she’s at the office, that same desire to see others succeed drives her.

The Role

As the receptionist for Lynden Schools, Noteboom is often the first person that families new to the district, new hires, substitutes and others meet. She helps answer parent questions, process volunteer applications and assist the district with transfer requests. 

“I have the privilege of working with all of the school district departments in assisting with many various needs,” she says. “This past year, I have also worked with a wonderful group of alumni to celebrate the achievements of Lynden Schools by hosting the All School Reunion.” 

Noteboom says her positions allows her to appreciate “each and every staff member that dedicates their lives to helping students achieve greatness.” She cites incredible teamwork within the district office, all willing to go above and beyond to help each other. 

With a tie to every facet of the district, Noteboom says she admires how each group of people dedicate themselves to the students and the community. She sees that in the human resources department working to hire quality educators, the teaching and learning department aiming to meet student needs, the finance department making decisions based on students, a payroll team having the best interest of the employees in mind, the maintenance team striving to keep the school in tip-top shape for the community, the transportation department looking to safety and the food service team diligently serving every day. She notes that building principals and office staff work hard to support students. 

“All of these individuals have strived to get many students enrolled and registered in our schools over the summer,” she says. “They have dedicated many hours to making sure that we have a successful school year. It is an honor to work with each and every one of these people.” 

Getting to Know Jamie

Noteboom’s family has a dairy farm, so the 100 calves she raises—not to mention the numerous other animals—has been a way of life for her. Along with her love of animals, she is also the proud aunt of five nieces and nephews. 

“My family enjoys spending weekends barbequing and watching them participate in youth sports activities,” she says. Plus, with fall all around us, she’s going to enjoy watching Lynden Lions football games or having coffee while kids trapse through the Lynden FFA corn maze.