Isom Classes Create Thank You Cards for Veterans Day

With the annual Veterans Day assembly not possible in 2020, students at Isom Elementary still had the opportunity to express gratitude to local veterans. 

With an idea formed by ISOM PTA members Staci Lopshire and Bree Maberry, what was thought of as a one-class possibility quickly grew to a schoolwide effort to create thank you cards for veterans, which were then distributed to veterans at the local VFW Post during a Veterans Day event held by the post, both for the members attending the event and for the 26 Whatcom County veterans unable to make it home for the holidays.

“Being at the ceremony and seeing the joy that the students’ cards from Isom brought, seeing my boys stand with pride to be involved and showing respect and gratitude filled my heart,” Lopshire says. “I loved that we were able to take the Isom love and respect beyond the walls of Isom to reach further in our community.”

Maberry says that being part of something to support troops that then spread to the entire school was meaningful. 

The Isom PTA was also able to help with refreshments at the VFW event and now has a focus on securing donations to create care packages for the local veterans currently serving away from home. 

The open doors between the Isom PTA and local VFW Post has offered up opportunities for the students to support troops in new ways. “I, like Bree,” Lopshire says, “felt compelled to get further involved.”