Construction Update 3.8.18

Construction Update 3.8.18
Posted on 03/09/2018
Construction Update 3.8.18

Lynden School District

School Construction Update – March 8, 2018

Fisher Elementary School

All phases are complete.  We are looking forward to a warm and sunny spring, so the grass will grow, and the landscaping will get a good foundation. 

Lynden Middle School      LMS PROGRESS PHOTO REPORT

Changes are happening quickly at LMS. 

The construction crews are installing finishes and exterior work such as curbs, sidewalks, and elevations are taking form.  As you drive by the school, you will notice some significant changes on the outside.  The inside is also being transformed into a finished product.

·         Floors are being prepped for carpet, tile, and polishing

·         Wall finishes such as paint, vinyl covered panels, and window trim are giving many areas a finished look.

·         Tennis court drains and elevations are being established in anticipation of pouring the concrete base

·         Driveways, parking lots, and storm water drainage are being established

·         Basketball hoops have been installed in the gym

·         Wainscoting in the hallways, lighting grids, and ceiling tiles are being installed

·         Doors and windows are being finalized

·         Data, network wiring, access points, and the electrical grid is nearing its completion

·         Plans have been made to start up the mechanical systems and connect the building to permanent electrical power

·         Furniture and fixtures are schedule to arrive beginning in July

The project will be completed on time in early June.  Items from the old MS will be moved to the new school over the summer and staff will have access to rooms and facilities beginning in July.  There will be an open house for community members to visit and take a tour soon after school starts in the fall.