What's New

What's New in the Tech Department

Spring 2018
 Work is progressing on the new Middle School.

Student access to Office365 has been rolled out at both the High School and Middle School.

A new remote-access server has been installed, it is twice as fast as the previous server.

New generator-backed power has been installed in the main data closet, this should allow us to handle power failures without interruption to core network services.
Winter 2017-2018 
 Winter continues to be busy as Fisher wrapup happens and planning/implementation of the new Middle School ramps up.

Also, significant changes in High School and Lynden Academy student accounts and email occured, resulting in considerable infrastructure work.

We have partnered with a consulting firm and are beginning a large-scale review and redesign of the infrastructure for increased reliability and performance.

 Summer 2017
 Summer 2017 was quite the busy time with a new school (Fisher) being completed and migration of the infrastructure to be more cloud-based.

Major projects:
Design and implementation of the new Fisher school, including MDF and IDF plus racks, switches, programming.
Migration from on-premesis email (Exchange) to hybrid Exchange-Online, allowing easier integration with Office 365.
All staff migrated to Office 365
New Internet firewall implemented
new student laptop hardware selection completed
8 new laptop carts purchased and installed.

Summer 2016
  • This summer was a busy time for the tech department. Major projects included:
  • New CTE computers in multiple labs and classrooms.
  • eRate subsidized wiring upgrade in all three elementary schools.
  • Creation of new computer labs in the high school and middle school.
  • upgrade of our server infrastructure with upgraded email, file and application servers.
  • New laptop carts for middle school.
  • Replacement of outdated laptop carts for all three elementary schools and the high school.
  • Replacement of outdated desktops at all schools.
  • Upgrade of district website
Winter/Spring 2016

Winter/Sprint 2016 projects included:

Implementation of Office365 and Google for staff district-wide.
Migration of district website.
Upgrade of Microsoft Office from 2010 to 2013