Lynden Schools moving toward Play and Learn group

Lynden Schools moving toward Play and Learn group
Posted on 09/05/2017

Lynden Schools teacher Karen Metz saw a need in the community and has moved Lynden Schools toward filling that need.

In January 2017 she started a free play group similar to the formal Play and Learn curriculum, a chance for the Lynden Schools to provide a fun play group for the littlest of those in the community.

As part of the program that meets at one of the two Lynden Preschool locations, this at City Bible Church—also the home of Lynden Academy—on the corner of Main Street and Guide Meridian Road, the free event invites caregivers of children 0-5 to sing, make crafts and play.

“This is a great opportunity to meet others in our community and for kids to work on early learning skills such as fine motor development, following along with a group and working with peers,” Metz says.

While the group started small last year, Metz modeled it after the larger Play and Learn organization and hopes to become an official member of that group this year. “We really just wanted to start the general play group because we saw a need for this in the community,” she says. “My goal this year is to make it official.”

The play group is run by the Lion Cub Preschool teachers. The primary role of the district preschool is to provide services to preschool age children who may be showing a delay in development, however the preschools is also grateful to have almost half of the students in the program community peers.

The Lynden group meets every Monday from 9:30 to 11 a.m. It is free and no registration is required. For questions, call 360-354-2893.