Welcome Lynden Schools staff for 2017-18

Welcome Lynden Schools staff for 2017-18
Posted on 08/29/2017

Every year hundreds of young faces show up ready for school on day one. Some of those students have spent years in Lynden Schools and others walk through the doors for the first time. The same can be said about teachers and staff. Here’s an introduction of new Lynden Schools staff for the 2017-18 school year.


Sarah Farlow, fifth-grade teacher

Heather Phillips, music/PE teacher

Patricia Roosma, kindergarten teacher

Audrey Schuman, fifth-grade teacher

Katie Vandenbos, second-grade teacher


Savanna Balfour, first-grade teacher

Julie Davis, SPED LRC teacher

Michelle Erickson, SPED LRC teacher

Joshua Jorgensen, music teacher

Lisa Meyer, music teacher

Kristen Powell, PE teacher

Kelly Boies, secretary

Veronica Charlton, para educator


Tausha Caldarella, music/PE teacher

Leilani Hoch, first-grade teacher

Kristie Hutchins, third-grade teacher

Veronica Parkin, fifth-grade teacher

Lynden Academy:

Carol Hagedorn, Spanish teacher

Joanna Stephens, second-grade teacher

Lynden High:

Benjamin Ball, art teacher

Kelly McCoy, science teacher

Alica Blankers, secretary

Lynden Middle:

Rex Fraser, dean of students

Jason Mendel, ELA/SS teacher


Elizabeth Jorgensen, phycologist

Reed Gillig, facilities supervisor

Monica Tiesinga, bus driver

Ruby Bass, bus driver

Marge Roberts, food service

Eliza Hortegas, community transitions para educator