A summer of science

A summer of science
Posted on 08/24/2017

Ever since 2007, Lynden Schools students have enjoyed summers full of science thanks to the Clayton D Millage scholarships.

The latest round of scholarships sent four incoming eighth graders to Western Washington University Odyssey of Science courses this summer, covering everything from survival science to robotics and rockets to circuits.

Millage was a science and horticulture teacher at Lynden Middle School from 1994 until 2005. He lost his life to cancer in 2006 and a scholarship was established in his name to ensure his passion for teaching and inspiring students to think outside the box could live on. The summer scholarship remains open to all students entering sixth through 12th grades in the fall, with the money designated for the tuition for programs oriented toward the sciences or creative thinking.

Students must apply for the scholarship and are selected based on a passion for the subject and their work ethic. While the students could have attended a variety of summer programs, all four 2017 recipients chose courses as part of WWU’s curriculum.

This summer, Abigail Tiesinga, Cody Wallace, Melissa Brossow and Harrison VanDeKop were selected for the scholarship and will enter the 2017-18 school year with a touch more science experience.

Brossow, who created art that lit up with her use of circuits, says she enjoyed learning how to build and trouble-shoot her own LED light circuit board, finding the entire process rewarding.