Lynden Spotlight: Teacher Tawnee Parcher

Lynden Spotlight: Teacher Tawnee Parcher
Posted on 01/05/2017
Fifth grade presents the perfect fit for veteran teacher Tawnee Parcher. From the first day Parcher set foot in Bernice Vossbeck Elementary School in 1997 she has walked into a fifth-grade classroom, teaching nearly two decades worth of BVE students.

“The contact is just so rich,” she says. “The age of the kids is perfect. You can really bring them far in the fifth grade. They can really go deep in the curriculum. It is just a great age.”

Parcher started her teaching career as a student teacher at Isom Elementary and then filled in on a pair of leave replacements for the year prior to joining BVE. “When I went into education I definitely thought I would stay and it is where my heart is for sure,” she says. “Meeting the needs of all kids is a daily challenge. Just that challenge in itself is enough to keep me on my toes and make me productive. It provides me enough change to keep me going and I love when kids feel successful. It definitely keeps me coming back.”

Staying on her toes appears as a constant theme for Parcher, who has four kids (she has taught three of them already in fifth grade) with husband, Dan. Outside of the classroom she stays involved with the lives of all four, Paige, 18; Carter, 16; Coston, 11; and Finley, 8, who still has a turn in Mom’s class coming.

“It is quite the span,” she says. “So we have lots of family stuff for sure.”

With sports a key part of the Parcher household—Paige, now graduated, swam for Lynden High School and the other three all play basketball and either baseball or softball—the love of activity doesn’t remain just with the kids. Tawnee has turned into quite the runner, hiker and outdoor adventurer.

Along with a group of other Lynden women, Tawnee has experienced some intense running excursions, including heading out with the group on a Grand Canyon run, summiting San Jacinto in California, a 50-mile run in Zion, Utah, two years ago and then conquering Mount Whitney in California last year.

“Usually we plan an adventure a year and I train for it,” she says. “It keeps me balanced.”

The group tries to train together as much as they can, handling some of the larger training runs as a group. The next adventure for Tawnee and the group? Still undecided. “We have a lot on the table,” she says. “All crazy.”

What isn’t crazy, though, is what she has planned for the remainder of the school year for those fifth graders at BVE. After hosting a student teacher in the fall, Tawnee says she’s excited to get back to lead teaching.

“From January to June it is amazing what happens in the classroom, connecting and seeing growth,” she says. “It is pretty exciting.”