Making a move: Lynden Academy, preschool to fill City Bible Church

Making a move: Lynden Academy, preschool to fill City Bible Church
Posted on 10/20/2016
Space. The Lynden Academy move to City Bible Church represents a massive shift in space. For classrooms, common areas, a multi-purpose room and even fields.

As Lynden Academy continues to grow, now at roughly 250 students, the leased space near the Lynden School District-owned space for its Community Transitions program at South B.C. Avenue simply wasn’t going to meet long-term needs. But by signing a five-year lease with City Bible Church on the corner of Main Street and Guide Meridian Road, the district will soon have a new home for Lynden Academy and already has two preschool rooms located there.

Growth remains a trend in Lynden Schools. This school year the district upped its preschool classrooms from two—one at Fisher Elementary and one at Lynden Middle School—to three, leaving the classroom in place at LMS and moving the Fisher classroom and adding the third classroom to City Bible Church.

Lynden Academy expects to join them at the church space by Nov. 1, following the church’s installation of an updated sprinkler system to allow the school to comply with city fire codes.

“What the City Bible Church location gives us is more typical classroom-style layouts,” says Tim Metz, Lynden’s director of special programs. At the church, the district can access seven regular classroom spaces, an open reception area for families, office space for Lynden Academy and a multi-purpose gymnasium. “It really opens things up for us and as the Academy numbers grow it is just a more suitable space instructionally,” Metz says. “The gym is really an added bonus to have access to multi-purpose space. I think it just gives them a lot more flexibility in their academic programming and ability to do all-school programs or presentations.”

Metz says that moving into the church did provide some logistical hurdles. “Any time you occupy a new location that is not a school you have some of those odds and ends,” he says about the transition. “You are making sure technology is adequate, making sure there are phones and copy machines and furniture, resources, supplies, custodial support and all of those good things that you have access to in a school. We need to make sure of that.”

From the district’s maintenance team to technology team, Metz credits a wide range of folks with helping make the move possible.

Scott Vandenberg, first-year principal of Lynden Academy, says the entire move, even such things as a dedicated entry, meeting spaces for parents and outdoor fields make the space “more conducive to what we like to do.”