A first-grade perspective on life at school

A first-grade perspective on life at school
Posted on 09/20/2016
First grade students have a different view on school than the rest of the population. Everything can look so big, so new and so daunting. We checked in on the first graders in Julie Goodman’s class at Bernice Vossbeck Elementary, asking a few simple questions to the entire class to get their perspective on life as a first grade student. Here are some of the responses.

What is better about first grade than kindergarten?

- “We don’t have as much homework as in kindergarten.”
- “It is more fun because we get harder work. Kindergarten is for practice.”
- “First grade is real work.”
- “We have an awesome teacher.”
- “We get more recess than kindergarten.”
- “You get to learn more math in first grade.”

What is harder about first grade?

- “You have to read more.”
- “You have to do math a lot.”
- “You have to be smart at working hard.”
- “We have to do harder words.”
- “You have to raise your hand if there is a question.”
- “There is a lot of work.”

What have you learned in first grade so far?

- “All kinds of new stuff.”
- “We have more books.”
- “Mostly everything is different (referring to class procedures).”
- “To be a good student all the time.”
- “There is harder homework.”

And to think they are less than a month into the new school year.