LHS ASB president embraces ‘We Are Here’ mantra

LHS ASB president embraces ‘We Are Here’ mantra
Posted on 09/15/2016
Kristen Hewson knows all about high school involvement. The 2016-2017 ASB President embraces all things high school, whether participating in one of her many extra-curricular activities or leading the student body as the ASB President.

“I really like being involved and I like to have a say in how things turn out while working with other people,” Hewson says. “I like that I get to be creative and think of new ways to make school as good as it can be.”

Already this year Hewson and the all-female ASB executive team—a mix of three seniors and three juniors, which lends a nice perspective to what is traditionally a senior-laden group—has run the Welcome Back assembly for the first day of school, where they introduced the year’s slogan: “We Are Here.”

“Our slogan is basically to be present and take the opportunities that high school has and not just slough it off,” she says. “We want students to think high school is important and work together to make it the best, that is why it is ‘we’ and not ‘I.’”

Hewson’s first new foray into the We Are Here mantra comes in a couple of weeks with Kindness Week at Lynden High School. Along with bringing Kevin Laue, a speaker Hewson heard at a leadership conference, to tell his story of playing NCAA basketball despite having just one arm, the ASB team will have an entire week of events planned. Whether a random acts of kindness day, where students receive cards with suggestions of kind acts, or a compliment board, Hewson says this new endeavor is meant to propel forward the idea of working together to make the high school experience a positive one.

“We are tying Kindness Week into We Are Here by being kind in the moment and not just thinking about yourself,” she says. “You are choosing to be nice in the moment to make it nice for everyone and not just yourself.”

Hewson’s involvement in ASB has remained continuous throughout her time at LHS, whether serving as a grade rep or as the Inter-High rep last year, which gave her extra insight into the ASB. But that isn’t all that keeps this senior busy at LHS. A member of the swim team in the fall, Hewson is also an officer in the National Honor Society and remains involved in FBLA. She acted as Ariel in Lynden’s Disney’s The Little Mermaid last spring and expects to participate in this year’s production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She also acts in Seattle.

“I try to be organized so that I can know how much time I have to do everything,” she says. “I prioritize so I know what I can wait to do.”

While she hasn’t had much time to think beyond her senior year, Hewson has started exploring life after LHS, which includes the potential of attending the University of Washington—a quality school a good distance away, she says. No matter where her schooling takes her, she plans to spend some time far away, potentially serving in something like the Peace Corp.

Whether life beyond LHS or the upcoming Kindness Week, know that Hewson will strive to fulfill the ASB-led mantra of We Are Here.

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