Remote Access Help

Remote Access at Lynden School District

The District maintains a secure external access server named "RemoteAccess" that allows you to remote-control a standard workstation maintained onsite. All personal and collaboration drives as well as standard applications are installed, giving you the ability to work from anywhere as if you were in the classroom or office.

Remote Access requires an individual network account on the Lynden School District network (your "Windows" login id and password.)

Please note:
Remote Access to the District's computer network is provided as a convenience and as a service for users to access network drives and core office applications. It is provided on an "as available basis".  Since the District has limited technology personnel that are fully dedicated to supporting instructional needs and critical administrative functions, the Tech Department does NOT provide consulting support via phone or in-person for home computers! If you have problems accessing the Remote Access site, please contact your local tech-coach.

Remote Access Quick Reference

Use any browser and go to:

  1. (1) Log in using your normal district login. Note you must use: lynden\xxxxxx   (where xxxxx is your normal login - the "lynden\" is required to be entered)
  2. (2) Depending on your browser configuration, you may see warnings, Accept the warnings
  3. (3) log in again (the first login connects you to the system, this login actually logs in to the computer)
  4. (4) You should get a standard (WIndows 10) desktop with standard applications. Use it as you would any district computer
  6. Please remember to log out when you are done so the computer is freed up for another staff member.


Below is a quick video showing the process (note you will have to be logged in to Office365 to view it):