How To Work From Home

How To Work From Home

At Lynden School District there are several options for working offsite.

  1. Connect to an onsite computer
  2. Move or sync files up to the cloud so they are available from anywhere
  3. Use a district-provided laptop
  4. carry a thumb-drive

Connect to an onsite computer

The school district maintains a bank of standard staff desktops that are connected to the internet and allow authenticated users remote connection. Basically you put in your id and password and you are connected to a desktop with all apps and drives mapped and can work as though you were onsite. This option works without any special software on all Windows computers. Non-Windows computers such as Macintosh need to download a small "rdp" app.

Quick steps to connect:

  1. use any browser and go to:
  2. Log in using your normal district loigin. Note you must use: lynden\xxxxxx   (where xxxxx is your normal login - the "lynden" is required to be entered)
  3. accept the warnings
  4. log in again (the first login connects you to the system, this login actually logs in to the computer)
  5. start using!
  6. please remember to log out when you are done so the computer is freed up for another staff member

More detailed instructions (with screenshots) are available on request.

Using the Cloud

The Lynden School District support Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive. This allows you to use the full Office suite from any computer and edit files from anywhere. There are limitations around sync'ing files with onsite storage so please contact your tech coach for full details.

Quick steps to connect:

  1. use any browser and go to:
  2. log in using your special "onmicrosoft" account. More details are found at: Office365 Info and Office365 Video
  3. Select "OneDrive"
  4. upload/edit/download files using the menus

District Laptop

Many staff members have opted to replace their desktop computer or add a laptop as a second computer for ease in working from home. The cost to do this is typically a building cost so talk to your principal about budgeting it.


Many staff members carry a thumb-drive back and forth with working files on it. Please note there are legal restrictions on the types of data allowed on thumb-drives and technical restrictions on the types of drives compatible with district computers. See your tech coach for more information.